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Water Birth

Adding a new member to your loving family should be done in a way that feels right to you and your spouse. Giving birth is a very intimate experience, and many mothers are finding that a traditional hospital birth doesn’t provide the level of comfort, relaxation, and personal attention that they desire.

Birth Center Water Delivery

My Family Birth Center provides holistic, complete maternity care, including prenatal and well care and postnatal care to ensure you and baby are progressing as expected. We understand that every baby has their own unique timeline, and will allow the birth to progress naturally, ensuring the safety of you and baby throughout.

Our private natural birth suites at our modern birth center feature a relaxing tub for water birth, a large, comfortable bed for relaxation, a separate waiting area for family and friends to gather in anticipation and welcoming, and full kitchen and laundry facilities, providing you with all of the comforts of home. If you prefer home birth or home water birth, we are happy to assist with that as well.

This is your body, your voice, and your choice. The type of delivery that is right for you is your choice to make alone. My Family Birth Center will help you to understand the options available to you, the costs expected with each option (CPMs typically cost about 1/3 of traditional obstetric care), and how your unique health and situation may impact the choices available to you.

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Benefits of Water Birth

The use of warm soothing waters as part of the labor and delivery process can provide many benefits to mother and baby. Water delivery in a deep bath relaxes muscles, reduces stress on your body, and often increases the speed of delivery.

Birth Room

One of the largest benefits of water birth is the pain management aspect. The warm waters improve back pain, as well as reduce your blood pressure, and reduce stress. When you are more relaxed, your body is more able to release endorphins, which also help to ease pain. Soaking during labor and delivery can also improve the elasticity of your body, reducing the risk of injury and likelihood of tearing.

Since the water supports your body, you are able to move into positions that may not be possible when delivering on a bed. This not only improves your comfort levels, it allows you to get into a birth position that is best for you and baby.

Even if water birth is part of your defined birth plan, you are free to change your mind at any time during labor or delivery. If you decide not to get into the bath, to leave the bath early, or wish to make other adjustments to your birth plan, we will do whatever we can to accommodate those adjustments. We understand that your plans can change, and we are here to support you in a safe, comfortable birthing experience.

Whether you are we follow rigorous safety and infection control protocols to ensure a safe, relaxing, and comfortable experience for mom, baby, and the entire family.

Maternity HydroTherapy

Relaxing in a deep tub throughout your pregnancy can help to reduce stress, both mentally and physically. Floating weightlessly allows you to relieve the pressure of the baby from your back and legs, while the warm waters improve both circulation and mood.

Maternal Hydrotherapy

Many pregnant women suffer from swelling in their feet and ankles, sometimes beyond discomfort to the point of pain. A comforting bath helps to reduce swelling, not only from positioning your feet in a higher position for optimal blood flow as well as relieving them from the weight. Hydrostatic pressure from the water also naturally improves circulation, which reduces swelling. It has even shown to improve your sleep patterns!

We are dedicated to providing holistic care to all Utah women. Whether you are currently pregnant, are considering becoming pregnant, or are looking for an understanding, compassionate womens health care provider to discuss your overall health and wellness, My Family Birth Center is here for you.

At Home Water Birth

When you choose water birth at home supported by My Family Birth Center, we ensure everything you need for a safe and comfortable delivery. We arrive well ahead of your expected due date to ensure we are well-prepared for your home birth experience. We not only provide the birthing pool, we assist with setup and filling the tub, use, and clean-up to make the transition as easy as possible for the expectant family.

home birth couple

Not only do we provide the tools and resources for home water birth, we also provide the outstanding support of our Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) and doulas. Each home birth is lovingly attended by our dedicated support team, consisting of 2 midwives and 1 doula, who coach and assist the new parents as they write their own birth story.

The safety of mother and baby is always our top priority. If you have previous or current medical conditions that deem your pregnancy to be high-risk, then home birth or water birth may not be the best option for you. Our dedicated and experienced team will review your medical history and current health with you to determine if you are a good candidate for home water birth.

Free Water Birth Consultation

My family birth center recolored logoEnjoy the warm, relaxing waters of our hydrotherapy tubs! My Family Birth Center assists with water birth, natural childbirth, and home birth, as well as prenatal care, maternity care, and postnatal care. Our experienced staff are both professional healthcare providers as well as mothers themselves. We understand what you are going through, and want to help you create a birth experience that is as special and unique as the new life you are bringing into the world. Let us support you in creating your birth story.

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