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Natural Birth

Natural birth is one of the most challenging things a woman can do in her life and, despite the pain, it’s also one of her most empowering and fulfilling moments. My Family Birth Center understands that such a momentous event requires a birth method that the mom-to-be feels safest and most comfortable with.

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Many mothers-to-be find this sense of safety and comfort in natural birth and they choose to go through the delivery without the help of medications to speed up to process. Natural childbirth is a method of childbirth with little or no medical intervention and is usually done in non-hospital settings. The mother often practices relaxation and breathing techniques to control pain and to ease delivery.

With natural childbirth, you can be more in-touch with your birthing experience because you have more options available. My Family Birth Center offers so many pain-relieving techniques, labor positions, birthing positions, staff, etc. to choose from as you work your way through a birth plan that suits you and serves you well. It’s a wonderful way participate in your very own personalized birth story and, ultimately, have a satisfying birth experience.

As for cost, giving birth with a licensed midwife costs only 1/3 of the price of normal hospital delivery. My Family Birth Center also accepts many insurance plans, just ask if your care is covered.

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State-of-the-Art Birthing Center

My Family Birth Center is fully equipped with modern facilities and equipment that can accommodate natural births, home births, as well as water births. We are one of only 8 licensed birth centers in the entire state of Utah and we are confident that you will have the best of care here at our facility.

Birth Room

We are also very proud of our highly-trained birth workers who are more than capable of accommodating your unique birthing needs. Our team of certified professional midwives (CPMs), registered nurses, doulas, childbirth educators, and baby specialists are ready to assist you, guide you, and walk with you in your journey to motherhood. Many of them mothers themselves, they can give you the physical, emotional, educational, and practical support that you need.

My Family Birth Center’s natural birth suites were designed specifically to give mothers the most relaxing, calming, and comfortable environment. They come complete with a birth pool, bed, waiting area, full kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Natural Birth at Home

Some mothers prefer to give birth in the comforts of their own homes. And we absolutely respect that.

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In fact, My Family Birth Center has a strong team of licensed midwives and doulas on call 24/7 who can assist you with your delivery. They have been trained and equipped to guide, assist, and support you all throughout the process. Their scope also includes setting up, cleaning up, and even handling potential complications including preparing for hospital transport.

It’s important to note that not every woman who wishes to give birth at home is a right candidate. Home births may not be the right option for women having high-risk pregnancies, including having a multifetal pregnancy, having had a previous cesarean section, being diabetic, having high blood pressure, etc.

Natural Water Birth

Water birth is largely known for its benefits in pain management. The use of warm water during labor offers a soothing and relaxing comfort to the mother…this especially provides some relief to back pain.

Maternal Hydrotherapy

By helping mothers relax physically and mentally, water births can, in turn, help lower high blood pressure that’s caused by anxiety, as well as allow the body to produce more pain-inhibiting endorphins. Water births are known to be gentle for the baby and less stressful for the mother.

My Family Birth Center is equipped facilities and staff members to accommodate water births. With relaxing tubs, comfortable beds, a fully functional kitchen, laundry equipment, and spacious interiors, we can give you, your baby, and your loved ones a calm, safe, and comfortable environment.

Healthy women with straightforward, low-risk pregnancies who are giving birth after 37 weeks are usually fine for water births. However, if you are epileptic, overweight, going into premature labor, or have been induced using an artificial hormone, water birth may not be best for you.

Free Natural Birth Consultation

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More women in the US are seeking more control over their labor and delivery experience by choosing natural childbirth. Facilities such as My Family Birth Center offer women in Utah a venue and an opportunity for them to write their own birth story. With state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality staff training, and a passion to help fellow moms, we are an excellent alternative women’s healthcare provider.

If you’re curious about natural birth and would like to know more about it, we would love to give you honest answers and personal experiences to help you out.

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