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Kaysville Home Birth

Give birth in the setting that provides the most comfort possible- your own home. My Family Birth Center supports expectant families choosing to give birth naturally, in their own home, with the support of our Kaysville, UT Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) and doulas.

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My Family Birth Center is there when you and the baby are ready, with midwives on call 24/7. We let birth at home progress naturally, assisting and serving you throughout the process to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for you and the baby. We have options for natural birth and home water birth, providing everything from setup to clean up, and compassionate support along the way.

We are a member of the Utah Midwives Organization (UMO) and are one of only 8 Certified Birth Centers in all of Utah, so you can be certain you will be getting the highest level of care possible when you trust us as your partner of choice. If you prefer to deliver at our center as opposed to home birth, we provide private birth suites and hydrotherapy facilities as another alternative to traditional hospital delivery.

If you and your spouse believe that Kaysville home birth may be the right choice for your family, we would be happy to discuss what you can expect from the experience, what kind of preparations you should make, and what measures we have in place for ensuring the safety of you and baby during this magical experience.

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Why Choose Home Birth?

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Home birth is becoming more and more popular for both new mothers and those who are adding a sibling to their existing family. At home birth allows you to control the delivery experience. Women who planned an at home delivery are able to determine who is in the room, their movement throughout the delivery process, and what delivery method is most comfortable or best suited to their religious or personal desires. Since you are outside of the hospital, our Utah midwives are not bound to the same guidelines and regulations. As long as safety is met, you are free to create your own birth story.

Mothers are becoming more knowledgeable about the options available to them, and traditional medical practices are becoming more devoted to cutting costs and keeping schedules than to listening to their patients. At My Family Birth Center, we understand that you and your baby have your own timeframe, and we respect that by letting delivery progress naturally.

We provide many options for creating the delivery plan that is right for you, from a combination of well care, prenatal care, maternity care, and postpartum care as well as pain management using natural methods and techniques so you will be as comfortable as possible throughout the process. We also are covered by many insurance plans, and the cost of a birthing center or home birth is typically much less than traditional obstetric care. We provide 2 CPM’s and a doula for every home birth so you have complete care at all times.

Babies born at home in Kaysville are able to immediately experience the warmth and care of their loving family, free from glass windows and privacy screens. We provide immediate newborn care, ensuring the baby is responsive and healthy, requiring no additional medical attention or traditional health care.

Is Home Birth Safe?

Individual fertility treatments and careHealthy women have been successfully giving birth in the privacy of their own home since they have had a roof to sleep under. When proper precautions are taken, the right support team is in place, and the right care has been given throughout pregnancy, planned out-of-hospital births can be just as safe as hospital birth. It is important that you maintain a healthy pregnancy to improve your chances of a healthy delivery.

Not every woman choosing to give birth at home is the right candidate. If you are high risk, such as multiple fetuses, had a previous cesarean section, are diabetic or have high blood pressure, then it may not be the right choice for you. We will help you understand your personal medical situation, and make recommendations based on your history.

The safety of you and your baby is always our top priority. Our experienced, professional midwives know the warning signs to look for throughout the progression of childbirth. Our Kaysville midwives are trained to handle potential complications including maternal hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, neonatal resuscitation, and 1st and 2nd-degree tears, with oxygen, medications, IV supplies, sutures, local anesthetic, and herbs and homeopathics at our disposal. We are always prepared for immediate hospital transport if the situation requires it.

Free Home Birth Consultation

My family birth center recolored logoThere are more and more Utah women choosing home birth with a Kaysville Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), like the talented professionals at My Family Birth Center. If you are expecting, or plan to conceive and are considering home birth as an option, we would love to speak with you about what we have to offer. We discuss what you can expect from your Kaysville home birth with assistance from a qualified and experienced midwife, and the steps you can take to best prepare yourself for a safe, uncomplicated birth.

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