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Bear River Doula

Giving birth is such an intimate and memorable experience filled with milestones and life-changing moments for parents. For many of them, though, childbirth can be overwhelming with its constant flow of questions and worries, and they can’t seem to find the answers in hospitals, epidurals, and pain medications.

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Many Utah mothers have turned to less conventional birthing methods such as home birth, water birth, and natural birth, where they can get the comfort, relaxation, and attention that they need to have a positive birthing experience.

My Family Birth Center ensures that you have a comfortable and safe delivery through your chosen alternative birthing method. One way we support you is by providing you with excellent assistance from our team of experienced midwives, nurses, and doulas.

While our medical professionals take care of the delivery and provide all necessary medical care, our Bear River certified doulas are trained and equipped to provide emotional and physical support to mothers-to-be before, during, and shortly after childbirth.

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Why Work With A Doula?

home birth coupleThere are studies that support the positive and beneficial effects of doulas on the health of both the mothers and the babies. These include shorter delivery, fewer cesarean sections, and complications, the use of fewer medications, increased breastfeeding, and, ultimately, more satisfying birth experiences.

My Family Birth Center has a strong team of birth workers composed of certified professional midwives (CPMs), registered nurses, and baby specialists…most of whom are doulas with years of experience and various specializations. These specializations include birth and labor doulas, hypnodoula, postpartum doula, and stillbirth bereavement doula.

The Role of A Labor Doula

Birth Center Water DeliveryBirth or labor doulas here at My Family Birth Center start building rapport with you even before you go through delivery. They can help you choose a birth plan that suits you and can walk alongside you as you go through pregnancy one day at a time.

In instances of bed rest or high-risk pregnancy, a doula provides help and support during such emotionally and physically challenging times. Being mothers themselves, our highly trained doulas can help you prepare for motherhood by answering your questions, addressing your fears, giving you insight, and sharing personal experience.

During labor, a doula’s assistance can range from supporting the dad-to-be and giving him confidence as he coaches you during the birthing process, up to completely freeing the dad-to-be from all coaching so he can focus on giving you emotional support. A Bear River labor doula is capable of giving physical support (massage, errand assistance), emotional support (encouragement, company, comfort), and practical advice, especially when your partner or family isn’t able to.

Postpartum Doulas

two women with a babyPostpartum doulas assist families during the first days or weeks after childbirth. They serve as the family’s support team as the family goes through the transition of having a new baby in their home. Postpartum doulas offer educational, emotional, and practical support on day-to-day maternal tasks such as caring for the newborn, feeding the infant, recovering from birth, mother-baby bonding, and soothing.

At My Family Birth Center, our Bear River postpartum doulas are highly trained in building relationships of trust and familiarity, allowing them to ease you into your responsibilities as a new mother, as well as educate the entire family about caring for the new baby.

Free Doula Consultation

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My Family Birth Center understands that pregnancy and childbirth can bring in some stress and anxiety, especially for new mothers. We want your Bear River birthing experience to be safe, informed, and comfortable by giving you the freedom and voice to choose where and how you want to deliver your baby.

Whether you want the delivery done at your home or in our facility, we can assure you that we have an entire team of professional birth workers and experienced doulas who are ready to carefully guide you every step of the way. Our doulas are especially excited to assist you and provide you with a positive birthing experience.

We know that your birth experience is one of the biggest milestones in your life, and we would be honored to have our staff, equipment, and facility be part of that.

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