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Utah Birth Center

Create a comfortable, safe, and inviting environment for your new bundle of joy with My Family Birth Center!

Loretta with New Mom & BabyOur clean, professional birth center provides everything you need to have the pregnancy and delivery that you desire. Both conventional and water births are available at our state-of-the-art, modern facilities, or can be supported by our staff in your own home.

With a complete staff of dedicated Certified Professional Midwives (CDMs), doula’s, nurses, and support team, we provide comprehensive women’s care from annual exams to prenatal care, pregnancy care, delivery, and postpartum care. We provide the personalized health care you need for a healthy body, birth, and delivery.

Our staff of mothers understands what you are going through, and how important it is to write your own birthing story. We want you to experience childbirth the way you desire. We honestly answer your questions about natural birth, water birth, and home birth based on first-hand knowledge.

If you want to work with a certified midwife in an inviting, comfortable environment where you get to control your pregnancy and delivery plan, then let’s discuss what My Family Birth Center has to offer.

Call My Family Birth Center at (801) 516-0576 for a Free Consultation!

Why Deliver at My Family Birth Center?

Our Inviting LobbyMore and more mothers are deciding to take control of their bodies and are making alternative choices for their pregnancy, labor, and birth care.

At My Family Birth Center, we support the decision to define your own delivery plan, whether that be a home birth, water birth, or natural birth at our facility. As one of only 8 licensed birth centers in Utah, our birth center midwives are uniquely qualified to handle your care.

There are many advantages to using a birth center for natural childbirth over a traditional medical practice and obstetrician.

We Follow Your Natural Timeframe

exam at birth centerAs traditional medical practices focus on scheduling delivery for when it is convenient for them, we let you and your baby tell us when the time is right. Cesarean section deliveries have exploded in recent years to 31% of all hospital births.

We don’t rush you to have your baby when it is right for us. We provide birthing center delivery 24/7, or will come to you when the time is right, depending on the labor and delivery plan you have determined.

We Support Your Birth Plan

Birth Center Water Delivery

My Family Birth Center creates personalized birth plans for you, your family, and your baby. We provide comfortable and soothing birth suites that include a birthing tub and large, comfortable bed. We have an adjoined waiting and greeting center for family, so you can have the level of privacy you desire. Kitchen and laundry are also provided, so you and baby can feel comfortable taking as long as you need for nature to take its course.

If you prefer a home birth or home water birth, we provide everything you need, included setup, support throughout, and cleanup after. We work with you during your pregnancy to help you define a birth plan and birthing experience that is ideal for you.

We Save You Money

Women's Well CareNot only do you get personalized care, giving birth with a certified midwife costs about 1/3 the price of a traditional delivery at a hospital. We also accept many insurance plans, and strive to provide an affordable alternative to traditional gynecological care. We know that a new baby can be expensive, and want to make sure you are able to best use your funds to support this new life.

Women with insurance are also eligible to recieve a FREE Definitive Early Pregnancy blood test. Call us today at (801) 516-0576 to schedule a free consultation with a midwife and receive a free gift.

Health & Wellness Services

healthy pregnancyIn addition to pregnancy and maternity care, we provide health services for the entire family. From women’s health care such as annual exams to family planning, infertility support, and medical condition management. We also provide diet and fitness recommendations to ensure you, baby, and the entire family are fit and healthy.

We would love to give you a tour of our facilities and discuss how our alternative, holistic health care providers can assist you in a healthier lifestyle, healthier pregnancy, and safer delivery.

Free Consultation

My family birth center recolored logoAdding a new member to your family is a big step. At My Family Birth Center, we give you the power to determine what that experience is like for you and your family. Whether you want a private experience, or one where everyone is involved, at home, or at our facility, we are able to accommodate your wishes as long as safety is maintained. The flexibility our center provides means that you get to have the delivery of your dreams.

Call My Family Birth Center at (801) 516-0576 to schedule a Free Consultation!